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Favorable Conditions for Boston Marathon Monday

The oldest annual marathon in America kicks off its 2013 race Monday, April 15, at 9 a.m. While all runners have their own preference when it comes to conditions to compete in, the standard ideal conditions will fortunately be present that day.

According to meteorologists Dave Dombeck and Justin Povick, Monday will feature partly cloudy skies that will offer occasional breaks from the sunshine without causing temperatures to drop too low. The low for the day will be in the mid- to lower 40s, with the start time temperature predicted to be around 46 degrees. The high shouldn't peak above 57. Humidity levels will also be low, and winds should stay light, around 5 to 10 miles per hour with occasional gusts of 15 to 20.

Runner Kristen Connolly says that these are her favorite conditions to compete, and that the weather is an important thing to adapt to during a race.

"As a runner, you always dress for 20 degrees warmer than it actually is," she said. "I always say, layers."

By dressing in layers runners are able to keep their muscles from getting cold and tight before the marathon starts, and they can then peel off the top levels of clothing as they run and warm up. Many marathons will then collect the clothes runners throw off to wash and donate to charities.

Povick, who is also a runner, agrees that the conditions expected for Monday will be good news for the athletes.

"Last year's race temperature was in the middle 80s, which placed it as one of the top ten hottest marathons in its 117-year history," he said. "The winner of last years event, Wesley Korir of Kenya, posted a 2:12:40 time, which was the second slowest mark to win the race since 1985."

Korir cited his concerns about the heat as a distraction, saying that he was more focused on hydration than on his positioning. By the end of the marathon, 940 out of the 22,551 runners who started dropped out, and 2,500 were treated by medics and marathon personnel.

"High heat and humidity tend to drain your body since you sweat more. I personally love running in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees," Povick said.