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Snow Visits Montreal, the UP and Northern New England

The same storm that brought blizzard conditions to parts of the Plains earlier in the week will spread snow and a wintry mix over northern New England and neighboring Canada into Friday night.

While much of the Eastern states were basking in warmth this week, temperatures hovered at chilly levels over the northern tier of the U.S. and southern Canada.

A late-season snow and ice event will continue to push eastward across this area into Friday night.

Enough snow can fall to make for slippery travel from central Ontario to southern Quebec, northern upstate New York and the northern parts of Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as central and northern Maine.

Some areas north of Montreal and Ottawa and over the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin can receive a foot of snow (30 cm).

While a cold rain will fall over much of upstate New York and southern New England, ice and a wintry mix can coat trees, power lines and roadways in between.

Some locations that will have an icy mix within a few miles include Toronto, Ontario, Buffalo, N.Y., Rutland, Vt., Concord, N.H., and Augusta, Maine.

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Earlier this week the Sioux Falls area of South Dakota was encased in ice up to an inch (2.54 cm) thick. The storm brought down power lines and damaged scores of trees.

A similar event could occur in the northern tier of the northeastern U.S. and parts of southern Ontario.