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More Snow Denver to Minneapolis Next Week

The weather pattern will favor additional waves of cold, snow, rain and thunderstorms over the middle of the nation next week.

Call it deja vu, living the movie Groundhog Day or something else, but many of the areas that were hit with snow and/or cold are likely to be hit again by another storm around the same days next week.

According to Long Range Weather Expert Jack Boston, "While all storms are unique, the new storm could take a very similar path from the Rockies to the Plains and the Upper Midwest spanning Tuesday through Thursday of next week and has the potential to put down a swath of heavy snow."

The storm could be intense enough to disrupt travel along major highways and could lead to flight delays at major airports and connecting hubs along the way.

Long stretches of I-25, I-70, I-80 and I-90 could be impacted by snow and ice.

Depending on the exact track of the storm, cities including Denver, Casper, Wyo., Rapid City, S.D., Scottsbluff, Neb., Sioux Falls, S.D., and Minneapolis could be in for significant snow.

The early indications are that the storm next week may not be quite as intense as this week's monster. It could have less impact with wind over Southern California and the deserts. It may also not have quite the magnitude of cold air on its northern and western flank. However, it is likely to have heavy, wind-driven snow and unusual cold for a multiple-day stretch in that same sector.

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It could also bring another round of severe weather beginning over parts of the central and southern Plains to portions of the Midwest and South as the week progresses.

The major storm next week will be preceded by a snowfall along the northern tier of the nation from Montana to northern Minnesota this weekend. A half a foot of snow could fall in some areas.

More Moisture!

Away from the disruptions and dangers from the new storm on deck is the potential for another dose of needed moisture in an area bracing for extreme drought this summer.

Interestingly this week's storm and other prior storms since the latter part of the winter have streams and rivers near flood stage over portions of the Midwest. Many areas of the Central states have received between 1 and 5 inches of rain (or the liquid equivalent) in the past week.

Water levels on the upper Mississippi River, including the St. Louis area, are recovering from their near-record lows during the start of the winter.

The NWS is projecting minor flooding on portions of the Mississippi River over the next couple of weeks. Moderate flooding is possible on some of the tributaries and other streams in the vicinity.