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Friday I-95 Urban Flooding and Severe Storm Risk

Heavy rain and locally severe thunderstorms will converge along I-95 and the Atlantic coast Friday.

The storms bring not only the likelihood of travel delays and foiled plans, but also a risk to lives and property.

The greatest risk of severe thunderstorms is projected to reach from the Delmarva Peninsula to eastern North Carolina.

Some of the storms in this area can bring damaging wind gusts, hail and frequent lightning. It is possible a couple of the storms produce a short-lived tornado as well.

Meanwhile, converging moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, ahead of an eastward-advancing cold front will yield areas of heavy rainfall.

That rain will hit during the morning drive from northern Florida to eastern New York state and will spread across southeastern and central New England during the day Friday.

Cities from Jacksonville, Fla., to Savannah, Ga., Florence, S.C., Fayetteville, N.C. Richmond, Va., Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Wilmington, Del., Philadelphia and New York City are likely to be hit with blinding downpours during part of the morning hours Friday. The rain can be heavy enough to not only slow travel on the highways, but could cause flight delays due to low ceilings, as well as flash and urban flooding.

Snow Visits Northern New England, Neighboring Canada Friday Severe Weather Center
More Snow Denver to Minneapolis Next Week

The front marks the leading edge of much cooler air and the end of the recent spell of warmth for the Southeast and part of the mid-Atlantic.

A wedge of cooler air from New England already brought an end to the warmth farther north in the mid-Atlantic earlier in the week.

Farther north, the air will be cold enough for snow, ice and a wintry mix over upstate New York and northern New England Friday into early Saturday.