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Whipping Winds in Los Angeles, Las Vegas

The potential for high winds across much of the Southwest has watches and warnings in effect for the start of the week.

Many areas from southern California and Nevada to Arizona are going to be affected.

In Las Vegas, a High Wind Watch is in effect, meaning that winds are expected between 30 and 40 mph, with gusts as high as 65 mph possible.

Downtown Los Angeles remains under a Wind Advisory where gusts up to 35 mph are expected.

North of Los Angeles, including the cities of Santa Barbara and Montecito, are under at High Wind Warning through early Tuesday morning. Here, winds will frequently gust to 65 mph with isolated gusts up to 80 mph possible in the Montecito Hills.

In the Warning area, gusts this strong can bring down powerlines and trees, and bring the potential for property damage.

For most of the effect area, the high winds will have the potential to make driving conditions difficult at times, especially with high-profile vehicles.

Blowing dust could restrict visibilities, also making for difficult driving conditions.

Winds are expected to increase Sunday night and continue through the evening on Monday.

The strongest winds are expected during the day Monday.

Winds will start off coming out of the west as the, and then will shift to a northwesterly direction during the day on Monday.

Other precautionary measures that can be taken include securing trash cans and other loose and lightweight outdoor objects that could be blown around by this wind.

The high winds coming to the area will be created by a low pressure over the Northwest on Sunday. This storm will be dipping into the Southwest on Sunday night, before moving into the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday.

With this storm, the jet stream will also dip southward.