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Multi-Day Severe Weather on Plains Starts Today

The atmosphere is primed for daily rounds of severe weather to ignite from Texas to Kansas and Missouri this afternoon through Tuesday, each threatening lives and property.

Each round will be complete with thunderstorms capable of unleashing damaging winds, large hail, frequent lightning, downpours and some tornadoes.

The round of severe weather in store for Tuesday will likely be the worst and most far-reaching of the three, but residents should still not take the rounds for this afternoon/evening and later Monday lightly.

Severe weather will first return to places from the far eastern Texas Panhandle to northeastern Kansas and central Missouri this afternoon and evening.

Cities in this zone include Gage, Hobart and Oklahoma City, Okla., Wichita, Chanute and Topeka, Kan., and Springfield, Mo.

The severe weather danger will wane later tonight as the violent thunderstorms weaken, organize into a cluster and head northeastward toward Chicago.

Instead of cooler and drier air replacing the severe weather, the stage will then be set for another round of potentially damaging thunderstorms to erupt Monday afternoon.

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First Alert of Impending Severe Weather meteorologists are especially concerned for numerous severe thunderstorms, including a few tornadoes, to target places in and around northwestern Kansas -- home to the communities of Goodland and Colby.

A few violent thunderstorms are also expected to erupt eastward to the western border of Missouri and Iowa and southward across Altus, Okla., and Junction, Texas.

The severe thunderstorms that erupt Monday afternoon should shift to northern Missouri, southern Iowa and central Kansas at night with some additional severe weather igniting across western Oklahoma and north-central Texas.

The caboose of this multi-day severe weather danger for the central and southern Plains will come on Tuesday, and could lead to one of the worst severe weather outbreaks so far this season.

Tuesday's outbreak will commence from far southeastern Nebraska and central Kansas to north-central Texas.

Severe thunderstorms will then increase in coverage through Tuesday night as the danger zone expands across more of central Texas, eastern Oklahoma, eastern Kansas, western Arkansas and western Missouri.

"Cities that could be hit by dangerous and damaging weather conditions during Tuesday [also spanning the overnight hours] include Dallas/Fort Worth, Oklahoma City and Wichita, Kan.," stated Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski when he warned of the danger last week.

Springfield and Joplin, Mo., and Tulsa, Okla., are other cities in harm's way.

On Wednesday, the severe weather danger will focus on places from St. Louis and Cape Girardeau, Mo., to Tyler and Houston, Texas.

Residents throughout the central and southern Plains should continue to check back with for the latest updates on the impending violent and dangerous weather.

Those living in places where the severe weather, including the danger of tornadoes, will occur at night should figure out a plan of how to avoid sleeping through these potentially life-saving warnings.