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Severe Weather Next Week Texas to Kansas, Missouri

As a storm emerges from the Rockies Monday, severe thunderstorms are forecast to fire from Texas to Kansas and could cross the Mississippi River later in the week.

Interests from the central Plains to Texas will want to monitor weather conditions closely during the first part of next week.

The weather setup through at least the first half of next week will put lives and property at risk. The severe weather outbreak expected is likely to be the worst of the season so far.

The nature of the storm in local areas has yet to be determined, but some locations have the potential to be hit with violent thunderstorms that bring large hail, damaging wind gusts, frequent lightning strikes and flash flooding.

There is also the potential for a few tornadoes to be produced.

The first storms during the outbreak are likely to fire late in the day Monday or early Monday night along a push of dry air from the deserts coming in contact with humid air from the Gulf of Mexico. This zone would stretch from the western portions of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

The dry line, as it is called by meteorologists, would then advance slowly to the east across the same states on Tuesday.

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Cities that could be hit by dangerous and damaging weather conditions during Tuesday include Dallas/Fort Worth, Oklahoma City and Wichita, Kan.

During the middle of the week, as the storms reach the Mississippi Valley states, the severe weather may organize into a solid line of thunderstorms, known as a squall line.

Cities that could face a wall of rain and gusty winds at some point Wednesday could include Houston; Shreveport, La.; Little Rock, Ark.; St. Louis and Springfield, Mo.

North of the severe thunderstorm area, a swath of rain will soak some Midwest and central and northern Plains communities. Snow will also fall over parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. recommends taking time this weekend to rehearse with family members what to do if severe weather or tornadoes are sighted in your area.