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Warmer Weekend on the Way for the Northeast

In the wake of a coastal storm with rain on Friday, sunshine will give temperatures a boost for at least part of the weekend in the Northeast.

Garden centers and weekend warriors will be busy Saturday and Sunday across much of the region as temperatures rebound to near or above seasonable levels.

Indications are that rain will stay away from the I-95 zone from Richmond, Va., and Washington, D.C., to New York City and Boston both days of the weekend.

Sunday will be the warmer of the two days in most locations thanks to a south to southwesterly breeze. However, a few spots along the water could actually be cooler Sunday in the mid-Atlantic. A breeze from the northwest will keep much of New England chilly on Saturday.

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Saturday will be dry along and west of the Appalachians, but clouds and spotty showers are possible on Sunday.

Beyond the weekend, a front may sag southward splitting the region into two parts: warm versus chilly. South of the front, temperatures will peak in the 70s. North of the front, temperatures may be no higher than the 40s. The front is likely to wobble north and south across the region much of next week.