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Warm Versus Cold Next Week for NYC, Boston and Philly

A cold versus warm air battle zone is likely to set up this weekend into next week stretching from the Great Lakes to the Northeast.

Warmth will build over much of the Eastern states in the wake of a southern and coastal storm this week. However, there will be some resisting cold air.

A frontal zone is likely to wobble from north to south and back multiple times across the northeastern quarter of the nation this weekend through next week.

Areas south of the front will surge into the 70s during multiple days with sunshine. However, areas north of the front will stew around in the 30s and 40s. In some cases, the stubborn chilly air will be accompanied by clouds, rain, fog and drizzle.

The frontal zone could set up near the U.S./Canada border or could set up near the Mason-Dixon line or possibly even farther south. Throw in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and any breeze off the water would also come into play and not necessarily right along the coast, but into the eastern slopes of the Appalachians.

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Meteorologists sometimes refer to this as a back door cold front. However, in this case, it is the same front that just shifts position from one day to the next and can make for some very challenging temperature forecasts.

It is possible that a 20- to 40-degree temperature contrast setup over the same number of miles at the local level with this setup.

Warmer days are ahead for the Great Lakes and Northeast moving forward through April. However, it is the speed and consistency at which some locations get there that is questionable.