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Northeast's Easter Weather Fraught With Peril

To clarify, this is not a news story. This is a personal opinion column and therefore should be treated as such. Outside of the forecast present at the bottom, the opinions expressed in this column do not necessary represent those of or its partners.

Anything goes this time of year folks. Living in the Northeast all my life I have seen it all except a full blown hurricane, and the way things have been going the past couple of years that may be next.

Through the decades, Easter Sunday weather has been fraught with peril. There have been tornado outbreaks in the central states and in the Northeast anything is fair game from heat waves to snowstorms.

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At the top on my Easter Sunday weather hall of fame was a major snowstorm that hit the Northeast in 1970.

I think that one happened when Easter fell right at the end of March. That storm started as rain and sleet early in the day then quickly changed to heavy snow. For the rest of the day, it was an all out snow blitz and for added excitement there was even some lightning and thunder.

Another award winning Easter Sunday weather event was a blistering heat wave that impacted the Northeast during the mid-April 1976. Then temperatures rose as high as 96 in New York City and 98 in Providence, Rhode Island. As it turned out it never got that hot again during the summer months that followed.

There is no snow in the forecast for this Easter, nor will it be hot. However, there is a weather spoiler headed this way.

As of Saturday afternoon, rain was strung out along the Mississippi River valley and all the moisture is advancing toward the east. At daybreak the leading edge of the rain will reach the Appalachians then it will spread east of the mountains during the afternoon.

New England will stay dry most of the day, but showers will invade the western flank of the region toward evening. All that moisture will sweep on toward the east Sunday night finally getting off the coast.

On Monday, a whopper of a cold front will be coming in, and I'm afraid that's no April Fools' joke. Across the Upper Midwest temperatures won't be much above freezing Monday and RealFeel® temperatures will be in the single digits.

Across most of the Northeast the coldest period will be Tuesday and Wednesday. With temperatures running 8 to 15 degrees below normal then, it will feel like the calendar has been flipped back about a month.