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MLB Opening Day Weather Trouble Spots

Major League Baseball players and fans are eagerly awaiting Opening Day, but there are some weather trouble spots that threaten to put a damper on the festivities.

While most of the MLB teams start regular season play on Monday, the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros will kick off the season Sunday night in Houston.

Temperatures will be a mild 72 degrees when the game's first pitch is thrown at 8:05 p.m. EDT. However, that mild air will set the stage for a shower or thunderstorm to cross Houston as the game progresses.

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Due to showers, frigid temperatures and/or gusty winds, less-than-ideal weather will continue to disappoint players, fans and coaches at several of Monday's Opening Day games.

New York City/Washington, D.C.

Mild temperatures will be the weather highlight of the Red Sox vs. Yankees, Padres vs. Mets and Marlins vs. Nationals games.

First pitch temperatures are expected to be 55 degrees in New York City and 62 degrees in Washington, D.C., but a gusty breeze from the west-northwest at 12-25 mph may cause headaches for some players.

A shower will reach both New York City and Washington, D.C., toward the end of the games. Any shower will be light and spotty, allowing most of the afternoon--including the games--to be dry.


The comfortable temperatures being enjoyed by those in Pittsburgh this Easter weekend will be long gone by the time the Cubs and Pirates take the field. Temperatures will be in the lower 40s during the game with brisk winds holding RealFeel® temperatures to the middle 30s.

A couple of rain and snow showers will make Monday feel even less like April 1 and Opening Day.


Clouds, chilly air and a shower will also prevent Monday from being a perfect Opening Day for the Reds as they host the Angels. Temperatures fall from the middle 40s into the lower 40s during the game. On a typical April 1 in Cincinnati, temperatures would be around 60 degrees for the first pitch.


The coldest April Fools' Day in years for Milwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis coincides with the Royals vs. White Sox, Rockies vs. Brewers and Tigers vs. Twins Opening Day games.

Dry weather and some sunshine will prevail, but so will the cold air that will hold high temperatures to the 30s in each of these cities. Brisk winds will create even chillier RealFeel® temperatures.

Good Weather Elsewhere

Four games will be played without any notice of the weather. Showers around Atlanta and Oakland on Monday will depart in the morning, giving way to dry weather for the Phillies vs. Braves and Mariners vs. Athletics games.

Nothing more than patchy clouds will filter across Anaheim and Phoenix for the Giants vs. Dodgers and Cardinals vs. Diamondbacks games.