Landslide Buries 83 Workers in China

Published March 30, 2013

| AccuWeather

The landslide, which occurred on Friday morning, is believed to have overtaken the miners while they slept. The landslide was an estimated 2 million cubic meters of debris, enough to cover roughly 1.5 square miles, which overtook the mine in Gyama Village in the Tibetan Plateau.

Over 3,000 rescuers searched for more than a day before finding the remains of one of the workers. The other 82 bodies have yet to be discovered, according to the Chinese State Media.

Rescue efforts were hampered by snow which fell on Saturday. There will be a continued threat for some rain and snowfall into Monday which can continue to delay any rescue efforts.

The cause of the landslide is not yet known and an investigation is ongoing. Several mining disasters have shed a negative light on the Chinese mining industry in recent years.