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Snow, Slush, Rain DC, Philly and NYC; Heavy Snow West

A storm responsible for heavy snow from Denver to Kansas City on Saturday will affect the mid-Atlantic into Monday with snow, slush and rain into Monday.

The storm will struggle with marginal temperatures along the I-95, causing some of the snow to fall as rain or melt as it falls. However, enough slush and poor visibility will result in travel delays and foiled plans to start the week for many.

In much of the mid-Atlantic, part of the storm will occur on Sunday night, when road surface temperatures are cold. As a result, many Monday morning commuters will have to negotiate slippery conditions.

From Washington, D.C., to Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Trenton and New York, the part of the storm that occurs during the day on Monday will fight the March sun effect. Even when concealed by clouds, enough energy gets through to warm road surfaces, causing some or all of the snow to melt.

It would have to snow very hard in these areas to overwhelm the sun effect and accumulate on paved and concrete surfaces in urban areas during the middle of the day. As a result, a general 1 to 3 inches of snow is forecast to fall along much of the I-95 mid-Atlantic with the greatest amount on grassy and elevated surfaces.

Since the storm will get more of a jump start well inland of the coast and the inland areas will be slightly colder, more snow is likely west of I-95, essentially along the I-81 and I-79 corridors including Pittsburgh and Hazleton, Pa., Winchester, Va. and Clarksburg, W.Va.

Accumulating snow will have a rather sharp northern and southern edge.

In the Appalachians, the heaviest snow will be bounded by I-80 to the north and I-64 to the south, where a general 3 to 6 inches are forecast. In the area from the West Virginia mountains to the Laurel Highlands in south-central Pennsylvania, 6 to 12 inches can fall and that includes part of the I-68 and Pennsylvania Turnpike corridors.

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The northern extent of a coating to an inch of snow in New York state and New England will be bounded approximately by the New York Thruway and Massachusetts Turnpike respectively.

As always, local effects, such as urban versus rural and valley versus mountains can bring a little more or a little less snowfall. During March, these effects are often exploited to the max.

Still a Chance of Heavy Snow at the Coast

The storm will bring a swath of heavy snow along the I-70 corridor in the Midwest. As this storm moves eastward through the Ohio Valley states it will weaken on Sunday night. However, a new storm will spin up and take over just off the coast of Delaware, New Jersey and Long Island during Monday.

How quickly this second storm strengthens and pulls down cold air will determine whether or not a secondary area of heavy snow develops right along the coast from the Delmarva Peninsula to New Jersey and central and eastern Long Island.

The storm could ramp up at just the right time when road surfaces are cooling on Monday evening.

How quickly the second storm spins up will determine whether or not accumulating snow is thrown northward from Cape Cod, along the south coast of New England west to New York City and north to Boston. Odds are against this due to strong west to east winds high in the atmosphere, known as the jet stream.