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Coastal Flooding Concern: Delaware to Cape Cod

It is not just snow and rain returning to the mid-Atlantic and far-southern New England, but also coastal flooding and erosion concerns.

The coastal flooding problems will arise on Monday as a storm strengthens along the mid-Atlantic coast and allows heavy snow to spread across southeastern New Jersey and southern coastal Delaware, which Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski details further in this news story.

Winds circulating around the storm threaten to drive ocean water onto the coasts of southern Delaware, New Jersey, northern Long Island, Nantucket Island, Martha's Vineyard and the northern- and eastern-facing areas of Cape Cod on Monday.

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The danger will persist through Monday night with New Jersey and southern Delaware being the exceptions.

The duration of the onshore winds will be short enough to prevent major coastal flooding or beach erosion; however, there can be minor to moderate problems with water levels set to peak between 1 and 3 feet above published values.

That is especially true during the high tides of Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

Tides are naturally becoming astronomically higher with the approach of early Wednesday morning's full moon.