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Boston Narrowly Misses Snowstorm

Unlike many snowstorms this winter, a significant snowstorm that will affect the mid-Atlantic will narrowly miss Boston.

The heavy snow through the mid-Mississippi Valley today and into the mid-Atlantic tonight will continue to move eastward heading through Monday and Monday night, staying just south of Boston.

Although the storm delivering the snow will stay to the south, a little snow still might make its way into Boston Monday night. However, accumulations would be minimal with only a coating to an inch.

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The snow will have the greatest chance of totaling an inch or two toward Cape Cod and the south coast of New England while little, if any, of the snow will accumulate north of Boston.

According to Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski, Boston and the Massachusetts Turnpike will be the northern extent of the coating to an inch snowfall.

The track of this snowstorm is unlike others that Boston has seen this winter. Many of the major snowstorms this winter tracked across the country and then up the New England coast.

After the current storm reaches the mid-Atlantic, it will continue to move eastward and out to sea rather than turn and move up the New England coast.

This winter started off slow for Boston, picking up less than 10 inches of snow from November through January. Things quickly picked up in February when 34 inches of snow was recorded, making it the fifth snowiest February of all time for the city.

March is following in the footsteps of February by being the sixth snowiest March on record, at this time, with 20 inches.

Boston's snow total for this winter through Palm Sunday is 63.4 inches.

Story by Meteorologist Brian Lada.