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Severe Threat Heads to Tallahassee, Orlando

As a large, multifaceted winter storm sends another round of heavy snow to the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic, a powerhouse cold front will bring the risk for severe thunderstorms to southern Georgia and northern Florida Sunday.

Locations with the greatest threat for the potent storms include Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Tampa and Orlando in Florida. The threat will also extend from Dothan in Alabama eastward to Savannah in Georgia, and perhaps even to Charleston in South Carolina.

Thunderstorms on Sunday will bring hail as large as dimes, quarters or even golf balls to the region. Hail of this size can cause damage to exposed vehicles, vegetation, windows and even siding on houses.

Powerful gusts of wind up to 60 or even 70 mph are also possible. Sudden wind gusts of this magnitude can snap tree branches, bend power poles over and cause significant damage to mobile homes.

These thunderstorms are part of the same system that brought a round of severe weather to the same areas on Saturday.

Severe thunderstorms early on Saturday morning brought large hail to parts of northern Mississippi and Alabama, and severe weather erupted as far west as Dallas, Texas as the day went on.

A supercell thunderstorm near Jacksonville Saturday produced near baseball size hail, damaging wind and for a few brief moments, there was concern about a tornado touching down.

More of the same can be expected for Sunday over southern Georgia and Florida, including the risk for an isolated, weak tornado or two in the most dangerous thunderstorms.

If you are on Spring Break or vacationing along the coasts of Florida and Georgia, keep a close eye on the sky. Thunderstorms will move quickly, and you should take shelter at the first hint of threatening weather.

Remember, lighting is one of mother nature's number one killers, and if you are close enough to a storm to hear thunder, you are close enough to be stuck by lightning.

The storms will clear the region on Sunday night, and by Monday, cool, sunny and breezy weather will take control.