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Is End In Sight for Lake-Effect Snow?

The weather pattern for the month of March has included a lot of snow for areas downwind of the Great Lakes.

In northern Wisconsin, Bayfield County had approximately 6 inches of snow since Monday morning.

A total of 5.8 inches fell in Alba, Mich., Wednesday and Wednesday night. This new snow has brought the snow depth in Antrim County to a whopping 33 inches.

Parts of Upper Michigan have had even more snow. Since Monday evening, Houghton and Baraga counties have received nearly 14 inches of snow.

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Lake-effect snow has also been affecting areas farther east.

Snow fell almost all day Tuesday and Wednesday in Cleveland, only accumulating to about an inch on the ground.

Edinboro, Pa., had 4 inches of snow Wednesday, after receiving snow every day so far this week.

The city of Buffalo, N.Y., has had falling snow every day since March 12.

All of these areas have been getting persistent rounds of snow, but there is short break in the forecast in the near future.

While a Last weekend's taste of springstorm ramps up in the southern Plains on Saturday, the Great Lakes will be looking at some sunshine.

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Part of a high pressure in south central Canada will extend toward the lake, allowing for at least one day of no snow for the region this weekend.