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Snowy Start to Spring in the Northwest

Wednesday through end of the week, the Northwest will be dealing with another round of wet weather that will not have it feeling like the start of spring.

As the system moves onshore on Wednesday, the higher elevations of the Cascades are looking at some travel-impacting snowfall.

Through the evening, snow will accumulate more than half a foot in the mountains, with an inch or so possible in the valleys.

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This storm will cover roadways, making them slippery, especially over the mountain passes.

Snow will fall in the passes, making some travel for the first day of spring a bit more difficult. Further more, gusty winds from the west could create some difficult driving conditions.

The most liquid expected to come from this storm will be along the coasts, mainly between the Cascades and the Pacific coast.

During Wednesday alone, rainfall could amount up to an inch or more in some places. A heavy shower or two could cause some localized flooding, especially in low-lying areas and on the side of roadways.

Showers will continue, becoming more spotty, through the remainder of the workweek. By this time, showers will extend farther inland reaching the Plains early on Friday.