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Nuisance Snow to Brush DC, Philly, NYC, Boston

A weak storm tracking over the Florida Peninsula Wednesday will turn northward along the East Coast Wednesday night into Thursday morning, producing a bit of wet snow in some areas.

The storm will have only limited moisture to work with, but can bring a coating to an inch of snow on grassy and elevated surfaces from eastern Virginia and Delmarva to southeastern New England.

In some areas, the snow will mix with rain and simply will not accumulate. However, there could be a few pockets where enough wet snow falls to make some roads slippery.

The best chance for a couple of inches of snow will be on eastern Long Island and over Cape Cod Thursday morning. meteorologists are keeping an eye on a potential storm for early next week that is likely to hit parts of the Central States with snow and perhaps the South with with severe weather and flooding rain over the Palm Sunday weekend.

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