Northeast Snowstorm Delays Schools, Causes Accidents

The storm that brought snow from Illinois to Maine dropped several inches of snow, closing many schools and wreaking havoc on the highways.

The town of Watertown, S.D., experienced blizzard conditions with zero visibility during the height of the storm on Monday.

Schools throughout the Northeast delayed or closed schools on both Monday and Tuesday due to the threat of snow and slick roads. The closures are causing issues with make-up days in the town of Scituate, Mass., near Boston. Currently, the school year there is extended until June 27. One more snow day remains before the students might have to attend classes in July, according to

While the town of Ellis Grove, Ill., dealt with 4 inches of rain, 4 inches of snow fell near the town of Hanover, Ill.

In Twin Lakes, Mich., 15 inches of snow fell between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. EDT Tuesday.

The precipitation began as freezing rain in Princeton, Pa. Knox, Pa., reported a snow total of 3.5 inches before the snow ended.

Roads in western to central Pennsylvania became slick and hazardous in the afternoon and evening. Several accidents on Interstate 86 near Elmira, N.Y., forced the highway to close periodically throughout the afternoon and evening, according to

The snowfall brought the totals for many areas over their normal snow totals for the winter. Fargo, N.D., has measured a total of 51.6 inches of snow this winter. Normal snowfall there is 44.3 inches.

Detroit, Mich., exceeded their normal winter snowfall total of 38.9. The storm pushed their total to 47.0.

In Pittsburgh, the snowfall since Oct. 1, 2012, has been measured as 50.3 inches. This exceeds their normal total of 30.8.

Boston, Mass., also has above-average snow for this winter with 56.8 inches; normal snowfall there is 39.5.

With the cold and stormy pattern continuing through the end of March, these totals may eventually be even greater.