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Severe thunderstorms, some packing high winds and large hail, pummel parts of the South

Severe thunderstorms have raked across a wide area of the South, packing strong winds, driving rain and some baseball-size hail.

In Mississippi, authorities reported two people were hit on the head by large hail as the enormous storm front crossed the region Monday. Fire official Tim Shanks said baseball-sized hail smashed windows in several vehicles in Clinton, where the two people were hit. He had no immediate word on their condition.

Hail also was reported around Jackson, Missisippi, and emergency officials in the state say there were reports of homes damaged in at least five Mississippi counties.

Meteorologists issued tornado warnings for parts of northwest Georgia and severe thunderstorm warnings around the state.

Elsewhere, Alabama Power officials say nearly 190,000 customers were left without power by storms in their state.