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Record-Warmth for Phoenix, Las Vegas

High pressure centered over the Four Corners will continue to expand, allowing for temperatures to surge Thursday and Friday in the Southwest.

Temperatures in cities such as Phoenix, Ariz., Palm Springs, Calif., are expected to make it into the 90s.

Palm Springs has gotten an early jump on the warmth, with the "heat wave" starting back on Tuesday, reaching 90 degrees, and then following with a warm 95 on Wednesday.

Phoenix last reached this temperature in the beginning of November; but even that for that time of the year, a low 90s temperature is more than 10 degrees above the climatological average.

Readings in the low to mid-90s that these cities will experience are more characteristic of early October.

Although they will not hit the 90-degree mark, record warmth will also spread to Fresno, Calif., and Las Vegas, Nev.

Thursday afternoon, Fresno will approach the record of 83 that was set back in 2007. A day later, Las Vegas will get close to the record of 87 set in the same year.

Despite warmth in these cities, not everywhere in the Southwest will have extreme temperatures.

With an inversion in place on the coast, like it was Wednesday, areas near the beaches will be affected by low clouds and fog, keeping it cool.

This will be the case for Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

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In contrast, the eastern portion of the country, especially New England, is forecast for chilly temperatures for the end of the week.

As Meteorologist Anthony Sagliani explains, a brisk winter chill has been effecting the Northeast since the middle of the week.