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Warm-Up on the Way: Texas to Maine and Florida

A storm tracking from the Four Corners to the upper Great Lakes will drive warmer air over much of the eastern half of the nation spanning this weekend into early next week.

Folks starting spring break this weekend should be happy. The South will not be the only region to experience a rebound in temperature.

After bouts of cold weather, chilly wind and snow in some locations, a shift in the weather pattern will trigger an outbreak of spring fever over portions of the Midwest and Northeast in the coming days.

A lack of arctic air and strong March sunshine will also work together to boost temperatures.

Areas that will warm up the quickest will be those places which have little or no snow on the ground and that do not have a breeze off a large water body.

The warmup will bring an opportunity for folks who have been cooped up indoors to get some fresh air and outdoor exercise. ( image and thumbnail)

The storm responsible for a southward dip in steering-level winds from the Mississippi Valley to the Atlantic coast of late will swing out to sea. As it does, a storm emerging form the Pacific will work to turn those winds around to the south in much of the same area.

A storm rolling out of the Southwest will send a dose of drenching rain into the Midwest and snow over part of the northern Plains later this weekend. The combination of rain and melting snow should provide a needed boost in upper Mississippi River levels.

The same storm can spark severe thunderstorms from portions of the central Plains to Texas and the western Gulf Coast later this weekend.