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Northeast Photos: From 2 Feet of Snow to Coastal Flooding

Northeast Photos: From Two Feet of Snow to Coastal Flooding

Storified by Accu Weather· Thu, Mar 07 2013 09:32:43

After dumping record snow in Chicago on Tuesday, a storm unleashed moderate to heavy snow across portions of the central Appalachians and mid-Atlantic on Wednesday.

Portions of West Virginia and Virginia received 1-2 feet of snow. Franklin, W. Va., was buried by 2 feet of snow.

Front Royal, Va., got 18.0 inches of snow. The photos below are from Front Royal, Va., taken by Emily Smith on Wednesday, March 6, 2013:
Meanwhile, high winds and coastal flooding were lashing the mid-Atlantic Coast on Wednesday. Water levels rose 2-3 feet above normal from New Jersey to Delaware during high tide in the afternoon. Moderate flooding occurred in this zone.

Water surged into the streets in Ocean City, Md., as seen in the video below:
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On Wednesday night into Thursday morning, the storm turned its aim on southeastern New England. Rain, snow, wind and coastal flooding were all impacts with travel disruptions resulting.

Rain changed over to snow in Boston before the morning rush hour. Roads turned slushy and slippery, while bridges iced over. Several accidents and spin-outs occurred.
Snowy ducklings #boston #MakeWayForDucklings #snowemahlman
The photo above was taken in Boston on Thursday, March 7, 2013, by Emily Mahlman, Instagram user @emahlman.
High winds up to 60-68 mph slammed the Massachusetts coastline. A few coastal roadways in Scituate, Mass., were closed due to ocean overwash early Thursday.