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Major Airports Across the Country Face Severe Impacts

Spring Breakers beware; a series of storms across the country this week will cause travel nightmares for major flight hubs. Airports in at least 19 states will be directly impacted by severe weather, which will cause ripple effects to other locations as delayed and cancelled flights are unable to take off to reach their clearer destinations.

"Every major hub in the country will be affected in the next few days," said Expert Senior Meteorologist Henry Margustiy.

As of 11 a.m. on March 5, over 1,400 flights have been canceled in the United Sates and an additional 1,000 have been delayed. Snow-ravaged areas from Minneapolis to Chicago are reporting the most delays and cancellations. The majority of these flights have been canceled out of O'Hare International, Chicago Midway International and Minneapolis/St. Paul International, three major hubs for the Midwest. This is already causing delays to be reported in areas that are still relatively clear, such as Boston's Logan International Airport and Kansas City International as aircraft needed for their departures will not be arriving from these locations.

Many of these canceled flights are from major international airports, which can also impact travel on a global level.

As this storm system continues to move east over the next few days, airports in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit and Pittsburgh will be impacted by heavy snow. Airports in New York City, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia will be faced with snow, rain and wintry mix accompanied by high winds.

Farther south, the same storm system will impact hubs in Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte with severe thunderstorms and high winds.

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