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Travel Resources for Midwest Snowstorm

Another winter storm will be making its way across the United States this week, bringing rain, snow, and wind to areas in its path. This can create hazardous travel conditions starting Monday in the Midwest, where areas from Minneapolis through Chicago may see the biggest snowfall amounts so far this season.

The only way to stay safe from bad roadways during a storm is to stay off the roads entirely. But for some, that may not be option. It's important to know how to drive safely in a storm and also how to check travel conditions in your area.

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North Dakota

The North Dakota Department of Transportation has a website for travel conditions that includes an interactive road map of the state, printable maps, road cameras, and a text list of major roads and highways.


Iowa's travel conditions site features a full-feature interactive map as well as a streamlined version for lower bandwidths.


The Minnesota Department of Transportation provides a state map that shows the conditions of roads that are being impacted by winter weather.


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation links to cameras that show the conditions of major roadways and bridges, and well as providing a detailed list of road conditions. The list breaks the highway down into sections and even specifies which cities the roads leads to, which helps make the information clearer to those who may need to travel to areas they are not familiar with.

Illinois is a site run by the Illinois Department of Transportation that shows road conditions for the state during storms. It features a map, like the one shown above, as well as providing a text list of which routes are experiencing which conditions.

Some major cities, such as Chicago, now have GPS trackers in their snow plows. You can monitor the trucks online to see when the roads in your neighborhood will be cleared.

For current storm updates and radar images, visit's Winter Weather Center. You can also view flight information in stormy areas by visiting our flight tracker.