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Northern New England Snow, I-95 Showers

The storm responsible for the southern Plains blizzard will deposit rounds of snow from southern Ontario to northern New England and New Brunswick through Friday. The bulk of the storm has passed the I-95 mid-Atlantic.

Rain was falling over much of southern and central New England and in part of eastern New York state Wednesday. However, farther north and up in elevation in central areas, a wintry mix to heavy snow is falling on ski country.

The snow can fall at the rate of 1-2 inches per hour in some locations and be accompanied by a stiff breeze, making for a quick plastering effect and low visibility.

The snowiest spots up north will receive a half a foot to a foot of snow through Thursday with slippery and difficult travel. The heaviest snow in these areas will fall into Wednesday evening.

The rain will diminish in southern New England later Wednesday. However, runoff will continue to pose a risk of urban flooding.

Colder air will filter in at mid-levels of the atmosphere Thursday into Friday, while moisture lingers over the region.

At the same time, a few pockets of dry air will be drawn in creating a mosaic pattern of snow and just cloudy skies. Rain showers will still occur over southern New England Thursday. However, any precipitation in that area Friday would fall in the form of snow.

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The colder air and precipitation pattern will translate areas of non-accumulating flurries and pockets of accumulating snow. Within these few bands of snow, there could be a few inches.

While most roads will be wet during the middle of the day where the snow is falling, conditions can deteriorate quickly late in the afternoon and evening. Delays to travel and other activities could linger into the morning hours as a result. In a few spots, where it snows very hard, roads can be slippery even during the middle of the day.

There is a chance the storm system reforms just east of Cape Cod during Friday. How quickly this redevelopment occurs will determine whether or not a dose of accumulating snow is thrown over southeastern New England.

In the coastal mid-Atlantic, spotty rain showers are in store Wednesday through Thursday. As the temperature falls a bit at night, the rain showers can transition to snow showers. However, no significant accumulation is expected.

Progressively colder weather will settle over the region this weekend into early next week, but storms will stay away.

However, meteorologists are monitoring a potential storm for the middle of next week (in the neighborhood of March 6) along the East coast.

If this storm were to develop to its full potential and track far enough north, part of or possibly all of the storm would occur in the from of snow in the mid-Atlantic and perhaps part of New England.

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