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Plains Blizzard Shatters Records, Shuts Down Panhandle Travel

A record-setting blizzard spanned Amarillo, Texas to Kansas City, Mo. Monday, leaving high snow accumulations and tall drifts across multiple states.

Thundersnow and extreme blizzard conditions were observed during the afternoon hours.

Travel was treacherous in the hardest hit areas, including the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. State Departments of Transportation closed major roadways including Interstate 40 from the New Mexico border to the Oklahoma border, and Interstate 20 from Amarillo to Lubbock. In the heart of the storm, visibility was reduced to less than 50 feet at times.

There were numerous drifts of 6 to 8 feet high in the hardest-hit areas across the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma.


This was the third largest snowfall event at Amarillo, only behind March 25-26, 1934 (20.6 inches) and December 26-27, 2000 (20.2 inches).

This was the largest snowfall for a single day in the month of February in Amarillo, Texas. The previous record was 12 inches on February 16, 1893.

This storm pushed Wichita, Kan. over the edge, breaking their record for the greatest monthly snowfall of any month, with a current February amount of 21 inches.

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