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Travel Resources for Plains Snowstorm

As a historic blizzardbrings snow to the Plains, commuters should be prepared to face road closures, traffic delays and dangerous driving conditions.

The only way to stay safe from bad roadways during a storm is to stay off the roads entirely. But for some, that may not be option. It's important to know how to drive safely in a storm, and also how to check travel conditions in your area.

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Texas has an interactive map that allows you to search for road conditions in your area.


The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety offers a map that details the slickness of a road and indicates where conditions are most dangerous at


The Missouri Department of Transportation has an interactive map that shows road conditions and links to images that explain the levels of coverage mentioned in their key at


The Iowa Department of Transportation offers both a full-featured, interactive map, and a streamlined map for those with a lower bandwidth.

Illinois hosts a road conditions map, a descriptive list, breaks down conditions by region, and also includes neighboring states.

For current storm updates and radar images, visit our live blog, or go to's Winter Weather Center. You can also view flight information in stormy areas by visiting our flight tracker.