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Plains' Blizzard to Raise Chicago's Dismal Snow Total

After a blizzard brings parts of the Plains to a halt on Monday, snow will reach and accumulate several inches in Chicago on Tuesday.

The same storm bringing a blizzard to places from Amarillo, Texas, to Kansas City, Mo., on Monday will drop 3-6 inches of snow on Chicago Tuesday through Tuesday night.

The good news is that the storm will be slightly weaker when it reaches Chicago, preventing the "Windy City" from facing immobilizing blizzard conditions.

That does not mean that travelers and residents will avoid delays and disruptions.

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Tuesday will still be a brisk and cold day in Chicago with the snow potentially reducing visibility enough to lead to flight delays and cancellations. The ripple-effect from problems at the airports in Chicago may then impact airline passengers elsewhere across the United States.

How the snow affects motorists will depend on its intensity.

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Three to six inches of snow falling during the daylight hours at a light to moderate rate in late February when temperatures are close to freezing will typically accumulate heavier on grassy and elevated surfaces.

Roadways in this case would still turn slushy, but impacts to travelers would not be severe.

However, Senior Meteorologist Dave Samuhel is concerned that the snow will fall heavily on Chicago for a time Tuesday and quickly create problems for motorists.

Regardless of how roads fare on Tuesday, the snow is guaranteed to increase Chicago's dismal winter snow total.

The city has only received 13.6 inches of snow so far this winter, well under the 28.1 inches that typically falls by February 24 and a few inches below last winter's pace.

Tuesday also has the potential to become Chicago's snowiest calendar day of the winter, which is currently held by February 4 and its 2.4 inches.

Additional snow showers for Chicago will follow for Wednesday as a prolonged stretch of cold weather, set to last through at least the upcoming weekend, commences.