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Probable Travel Issues for the Northeast

A blizzard that has been working its way across the country, dropping near-record amounts of snow on the Plains and causing travel headaches for those in its path will hit the Northeast this weekend. This storm caused a total shutdown of the Kansas City International Airport and has been causing road and highway closures across the country. New York and New England can expect similar travel hazards, on top of the snowy pile-ups they've accumulated over the last few weeks.

The biggest travel concern for the Northeast will be the I-95 corridor with a looming threat of over a foot of snow hitting the area. Not only will the amounts of snow be high, on top of the feet that have already been dumped on the region in recent storms, but the consistency of the snow can increase the risk to the region. It will be a heavy, wet snow, accompanied by ice and high winds. This could create even more hazardous travel conditions and increase the likelihood of power outages.

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There are many ways to properly prepare for a winter storm. One way is to know good resources for tracking travel conditions in your area.

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