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Live: Severe Storm Threat Increasing; Hail, Damaging Winds

On the southern side of a major winter storm, severe thunderstorms race eastward from Texas and Oklahoma to Alabama by later Thursday night.

Initially, large hail will be the main threat from storms Wednesday night into Thursday morning. During the day Thursday, the threat will evolve to include damaging winds and tornadoes. meteorologist Anthony Sagliani details the timing and impacts of these storms.

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1:36 a.m. CST Thursday: While not uncommon, it isn't everyday that thunderstorms occur when it is in the mid 30s! This is exactly what is happening in Oklahoma this hour. Strong thunderstorms producing small hail are approaching Oklahoma City while thundersnow and "thundersleet" has been reported to the north and west.

11:25 p.m. CST Wednesday: Thunderstorms have erupted over the Texas Panhandle. The storms are expected to strengthen overnight as warm, moist air surges northward. Through the night, the main threat will be large hail. There is the potential for a severe thunderstorm watch to be issued early Thursday morning.