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Major, Shallow Earthquake Rattles Siberia With Strong Shaking

A magnitude-6.6 earthquake has rattled an area 82 miles west-southwest of Druzhina, Siberia.

Internal stresses within the earth are what drive earthquakes. Earthquakes are a release of an enormous amount of energy. The energy, once it is released, radiates outwards in the earth. The nearer the energy-releasing rupture within the earth takes place, the stronger the potential shaking is at the earth's surface.

In a very deep earthquake, the shaking would have radiated out over a great volume of rock before reaching the surface. In a shallow quake, the shock can still be very powerful as it reaches the surface.

"It's rather like a bomb blast," AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Andrews said. "One block away from it, it may flatten your house; 100 miles away, you might not have noticed that it happened because the energy radiated, and dissipated, outward."

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