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Weekend Snowstorm Not Ruled Out for Northeast

A storm has a chance to take a sharp enough left turn up the East Coast this weekend, perhaps affecting the U.S. and neighboring Canada. The storm would be part of a series of potentially major weather events through the end of February.

The East Coast could be digging out from under more snow this weekend, though the storm would need to take an unlikely path. Though days away, the possibility cannot be ruled out.

The seeds for the potential snowstorm is a series of storms moving into British Columbia. These systems will move southward and and eventually force the Jet stream to take a pronounced dip across the central and eastern part of the U.S. by the start of the weekend.

The storm will then form along the eastern edge of the jet off the Carolina coast late Saturday night. The uncertainty lies in what the storm will do next.

There are two scenarios: The storm can move out to sea as it rapidly intensifies, or it could move north, paralleling the East Coast.

If storm does not move out to sea, much of the Northeast will once again feel the fury of a snowstorm. Accumulating snow will fall as far south as coastal Virginia the spread northward into northern New England.

The I-95 corridor, especially from New York City on northward would receive enough snow and wind to produce difficult and perhaps hazardous travel.

New England would once again bear the brunt of this storm with the greatest snow and strongest winds.

While this scenario remains a possibility, it is not the most likely scenario at this point.

During the winter, many storms form along the East Coast and, at the last second, move harmlessly out to sea. This storm appears that it will be no different.

"80% of storms that form under the conditions that occur this weekend along the East Coast move out to sea. Much of the evidence we currently are looking at suggest this to be the case," Expert Senior Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said.

"While unlikely at this point, I believe there is room for a farther track west and therefore, it is premature to totally discount a weekend snowstorm for the Northeast," Rayno said.

Regardless of the storm track, much colder air will pour into the Upper Midwest on Friday and spread to the East Coast, including Florida over the weekend.

Even if the snowstorm fails to erupt over U.S. soil, there are almost a half-dozen additional candidates for major winter storms reaching from the southwestern U.S. to the Midwest and the East Coast through the end of February, essentially a whole pipeline of storms.