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Wednesday Snow From Illinois to Rhode Island

A storm will bring a mix of rain and snow to the Ohio Valley Wednesday. This storm will push toward the upper coast of the mid-Atlantic later Wednesday and Wednesday night. Compared with last week's storm, which hit similar areas, Wednesday's storm will have less severe impacts.

While the event will not translate into a major storm, it will bring a couple of inches of wet snow and slippery travel to part of the I-95 and I-81 corridors. That the temperatures are hovering around freezing will be an issue for those preparing the roads for rain versus snow.

"This storm is moving southwest to northeast, more or less, versus last week's blizzard which traveled north to south," AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Miller said. "Impacts will be very minor with this system, with roadways slushy in many areas. Plus, cleanup from this system will only take hours, compared with days for the blizzard, though many areas are still trying to clean up from the blizzard so this will only add a little more to that."

"One inch of snow can cause slick roads and slow travel a bit, but it is not typically enough to prevent travel, either by car or air," AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Wimer said.

Rain would be the first part of the storm from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia. However, it is possible that a change from rain to a period of wet snow takes place. meteorologists continue to weigh the storm's track to keep aware of the potential for a larger storm during the coming weekend in much of the eastern half of the nation. Even if the storm this weekend swings wide of the coast, additional large storms are likely for the eastern half of the nation through the end of February.

Cold air will push into the Deep South and could even bring a couple of nights of frosty temperatures to central Florida. The atmosphere appears to be building a pipeline of storms for the next few weeks.