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More Snow for Southern Europe Tuesday

A cold Mediterranean storm will continue to spread rain, snow and blustery winds over parts of southern Europe and North Africa through Thursday.

Snowfall will be substantial along the western highlands of the Balkan Peninsula as well as Italy. Soaking rain along western Balkan shores could trigger local flooding.

As of Tuesday, the first phase of the storm brought heavy wet snow to the plains of northern Italy, where as much as a foot of snow may have fallen since Sunday. Even higher falls of snow may have targeted the northern Apennine Range and the southeastern Alps.

Videos posted online showed heavy snow clinging to trees, shrouding cars and covering roads in northern Italy. Plows were seen working to clear the way.

A second storm center, which reached southwestern Europe from the Bay of Biscay on Monday, unleashed heavy rain, mountain snow and strong coastal winds to northern Spain and southwestern France.

Tuesday until Thursday, heavy snow may cause disruption to travel over highlands from northwestern Greece to to Croatia and Slovenia. Neighboring lowlands bordering the Adriatic and Ionian coast will get the heaviest rain, locally topping 2 inches/50 mm.

Even northern Africa will share in the storm's wintry aspect, with cold, soaking rain along the Algerian and Tunisian coasts becoming heavy snow along the nearby Atlas Mountains.

Europe Snowstorm

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