Italy Snowstorm Unleashes Up to a Foot

Heavy snow fell over northern Italy Monday, even reaching the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Snow covered such northern cities as Milan, Torino, Piacenza and Parma.

By Tuesday, there is potential for snowfall accumulations of at least 6 inches in the lower elevations, with amounts to at least 12 inches over hills. meteorologists expect 6-10 inches of snow will fall in Milan.

Snow also fell in Venice.

Snow fell heavily as of early Monday afternoon, cutting visibility to between 1/4 and 1/2 of a mile in the Lombardy Plain, the flat, fertile valley at the heart of northern Italy.

Snow also was blanketing the northern Apennine Range and the southern foothills of the Alps.

Meanwhile, along the Riviera in Liguria, high winds of at least 70 mph were clocked in Albenga, Italy.

The snow was set up by a cold outbreak, stabbing southward from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean late last week. Next, a storm that dipped southeastward over France to the Mediterranean met the cold air over northern Italy, kicking off the widespread snowfall on Monday.

Winters are not harsh in northern Italy, although they are significantly colder than those of Rome, for instance.