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Blustery Conditions to Spread Eastward

Cold winds will continue over the Midwest and will spill into the East Monday night and Tuesday.

While the northern Plains blizzard from the weekend was dissolving over the upper Great Lakes, enough circulation will remain to keep the Midwest windy and send blustery and chilly air into the east.

Winds will not be strong enough to cause damage in most cases. Winds will average 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 40 mph locally. Even though the air coming in is not bitterly cold, the winds will result in RealFeel® temperatures 15 to 25 degrees lower than the actual temperature.

Temperatures will moderate into the middle of the week over the northern Plains and the Upper Midwest. However, colder air will roll in late in the week and over the coming weekend.

The Plains Blizzard was strong enough to pull warmer air into and bring mostly liquid precipitation to many areas in the Midwest and the Northeast. A few pockets of snow and ice will continue to affect northern New England and neighboring Canada into Monday night.

The liquid precipitation farther south was not intense enough to do significant melting, but will add weight to the existing snowcover.

The old circulation and moisture around the storm will bring snow showers and areas of lake-effect snow to the Great Lakes area into Tuesday.

Even though precipitation raced through the East to start the week, more moisture is lingering over the Southwest and the Gulf Coast, a sign that a new pattern is evolving.

Indications are that multiple storms are likely to swing out of the Southwest and South Central states and into the Northeast in the coming weeks.

While the air may not be bitterly cold, it will be cold enough in some cases to bring snow or ice in part or entirety of the storms coming along over the next few weeks for some major population areas from the southern Plains to parts of the Midwest and the East Coast.

As the colder air pours into the Plains over the weekend, one such major storm could spin up and affect these areas this weekend.

The story "Building a Pipeline of Storms" has more information on the changes beginning to take place. will continue to have stories and updates on each of these events in the coming days.

A more modest storm is forecast to bring snow to portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri Tuesday.

The same storm can spread snow or a rain/snow combination from portions of Kentucky and Tennessee Wednesday and then into part of the mid-Atlantic later Wednesday into Wednesday night.

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