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Violent Thunderstorms Today: Mississippi to Texas

The same storm creating a blizzard across the northern Plains is sparking violent thunderstorms closer to the Gulf Coast.

Along the storm's cold front, thunderstorms will continue to rattle and threaten places from southeastern Texas to Mississippi and western Alabama through early this evening.

Cities in this threat zone include Houston, Texas, Alexandria, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, La., Tupelo, Jackson and Biloxi, Miss., and Tuscaloosa, Ala.

The cold front sparked thunderstorms with damaging winds and hail across central Texas Saturday night, and similar thunderstorms are expected today with blinding downpours also a concern.

Thunderstorms capable of producing small hail are even rumbling northward to central Illinois.

"There is even some concern for a zone of enhanced tornadic activity over northeastern Louisiana into central Mississippi ahead of the main zone of thunderstorms," stated Meteorologist Brian Edwards.

The severe weather danger is expected to lessen for tonight and not translate eastward into the Southeast for Monday.

Until that time, all residents being threatened by the violent thunderstorms today should heed all watches and warnings and check in with the Severe Weather Center for the latest information.