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Localized Flood Threat-New York City to Boston

A new storm is headed to New York City that will threaten to cause more problems for residents and commuters bringing rain but not a repeat blizzard. Senior Meteorologist, Dave Samuhel, said the threat for rain tomorrow will stretch throughout the New England region. Rainfall is expected to begin right before rush hour Monday morning in New York City and by midday in Boston.

New York City is not expected to experience freezing rain, but Samuhel said he wouldn't be surprised if areas north and west of the city experienced some icy road conditions before temperatures get above freezing during the morning commute.

Temperatures throughout the I-95 corridor from NYC to Boston are expected to be relatively mild tomorrow, reaching into the mid- to upper 40s.

Flooding could be a potential issue during the six to nine hour period of rainfall tomorrow, according to Samuhel. An expected half of an inch of rain is expected to rinse the northeast.

"Normally we don't see flooding with a half of an inch of rain, but we could see some in low lying areas, especially because storm drains could still be blocked with snow," Samuhel said.

The risk for flooding, according to Samuhel is greatest in Long Island, southern Connecticut and up into Providence, Rhode Island.

Drivers and walkers could experience a slower commute tomorrow as rainfall and milder temperatures will turn snow into a slushy mess. With milder aid flowing over snow cover, this could provide patchy fog which could also contribute to some delays.