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Rain to Bring Danger of Roof Failures in New England

After one of the great winter storms in New England history left behind some of the highest snowfall totals ever observed across the region, a much weaker storm has its gaze set upon the area for Sunday night and Monday.

The next storm threatens to bring a mixture of ice and rain from Connecticut to Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Rain/ice totals will generally range from 0.50-0.75 inches, but meteorologists do not believe this will be enough to cause anything more than minor, urban flooding.

Instead, the massive snowpack will soak up the rain like a sponge, and it will get much heavier in the process.

This means that for those in communities from New Haven, Conn. to Boston, Mass. who have not yet cleared the snow from their roofs, there is a high danger for potential collapse. This is especially true for weaker, older structures.

How To Keep Your Roof From Collapsing

Pitched roofs can handle more weight than flat roofs. However, only an engineer can tell you for sure how much weight your roof can handle.

Keep in mind, progressively colder air is forecast to sweep into New England later this week behind this system.

The slushy snow left on your roof and elsewhere will likely freeze solid soon after as cold air rushes back in. You may be stuck with it for a long time.

There are additional storms on the horizon through the middle part of February. Some will bring minor, nuisance snow, others have the potential to drop heavy snow with more weight to go with it.

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