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Prepare for Winter Driving

Winter driving increases the risk of road emergencies. Take precautions before setting out.

With the onset of the winter season, ice and snow will soon be making road conditions slippery. It's good to have a winter safety kit in your car.

In the event that you lose traction and leave the road surface, you may be unable to drive your car back onto the road. You could have to spend a day or more in your vehicle.

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To prepare for such an emergency, your car safety kit should contain: gloves, hat, boots, waterproof poncho, water, food (nuts, dried fruit, energy bars, nourishment drinks), solar blanket, flashlight, cell phone and charger, first-aid kit, waterproof matches, collapsible shovel, chains or traction devices, tow rope, jumper cables, tool kit, flare and a cutting device, according to

A kit containing all of the components listed above will be able to sustain you until help can arrive.

It is also important, before setting out this winter, to check your tire tread and air pressure. Tires are an important factor in maintaining traction.