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Storm Unleashes High Winds, Snow in UK, Ireland

A storm early this week has been unleashing extreme winds, snow and battering surf to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Blizzard conditions were stirred across the Scottish Highlands Monday night into Tuesday morning. Traffic Scotland reports difficult and dangerous travel conditions across portions of Scotland due to snow and ice-packed roadways and high winds. Traffic was down to one lane along some highways as a result.

Snow amounts through Tuesday, local time, include 6 inches in Eskdale Muir, Scotland, 4 inches in Glenanne, Northern Ireland, and 3 inches in Redesdale Camp, England.

Icy spots on roads will be an issue across northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England into midweek as some snow melts during the day and refreezes at night.

Rain changed to snow briefly in London early Tuesday morning, local time.

Meanwhile, U.K. cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland, and London have been lashed by sustained winds of 15-25 mph with gusts to 40-50 mph early this week.

Sustained winds of 77 mph (123 kph) with a 120-mph gust (193 kph) were recorded on top of Cairngorm Summit at an elevation of around 4,085 feet early Monday morning, according to Mark Vogan.

The high winds not only contributed to blowing snow across portions of Scotland and northern England, but they also led to battering surf. Buoys showed waves of up to 62.3 feet (~19 meters) off the Western Isles of Scotland on Monday.

The storm is weakening while heading for western Europe. Over the next couple of days, it will reach the Mediterranean region, ramping up again. Rain and snow will fall along the storm's path, according to AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews. Heavy snow amounts are expected to be confined to higher elevations, including the Alps and mountains of southeastern Europe.

Brisk, northerly winds will persist in the storm's wake across the U.K. and Ireland through the remainder of the week, ushering in arctic air. Yet another storm may arrive with rain and snow late in the week.