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Wet Weather Moves into West

Much of the West has seen quiet weather for the start of February. As of late, a storm has pushed rain and snow showers into the Northwest.

This storm will continue to develop this week, bringing the wet weather farther south and west.

Rain and snow will move through the Northwest on Wednesday and Thursday in waves of heavier precipitation.

But on Friday and Saturday, the system will move southward. The Northwest coast will dry out, bringing the rain and snow into central California, Nevada and into the Rockies of Utah and Colorado.

Many cities in these areas haven't seen rain or snow yet in February, including Reno, Nev., Fresno, Calif., and Denver, Colo.

San Francisco could have their most significant rain since December.

While it's still early in the month of February, Fresno normally receives over 2 inches of rain during the shortest month of the year.

This storm system will also bring cooler temperatures along with the showers and cloud cover.

In Reno and Fresno, the high temperature may drop as much as 10 degrees between Thursday and Friday.

For the latter part of the weekend, the storm system will move eastward into the Plains. The cloudy weather will go with the rain, but chilly temperatures are expected to remain in the area into the early workweek.