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Rain Houston to New Orleans, Montgomery and Atlanta

A storm rolling out of Mexico will spread a swath of rain across a large part of the South Wednesday and Thursday.

Showers and thunderstorms will erupt from northeastern Mexico and spread into coastal Texas and the South Tuesday night.

A thorough soaking is forecast from Houston to Baton Rouge, Biloxi, Montgomery and Tallahassee, as well as Atlanta and Augusta, Ga., spanning the middle to latter part of the week.

For Mardi Gras activities in New Orleans, downpours are possible from Wednesday evening into Thursday evening.

Some of the rain will fall on very needy areas of Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas, where locally between 1 and 2 inches may fall.

While thunderstorms may accompany the storm system in the South, a severe weather outbreak is not expected. A couple of the storms near the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean can be locally strong for a brief time.

The best chance of a couple of downpours over central Florida, including the Orlando, Tampa and Daytona Beach areas, will occur Friday. A shower could affect South Florida over the weekend.

The same storm system may join forces with another storm approaching the Northeast Friday.

If the storm quickly develops to its full potential, there could be heavy, windswept snow in part of New England and possibly the heaviest storm of the winter season for some areas.

Since early September, rainfall has been less than 50 percent of normal in Charleston, S.C., and Dothan, Ala., and less than 40 percent of normal in Savannah, Ga.

More moisture is needed in this area in advance of the upcoming planting season.

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