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Clipper Snow Returns: Chicago to Detroit Tuesday Afternoon

Another weak low pressure has pushed out of southern Canada, bringing a swath of new snow to the Midwest Tuesday and adding to the parade of small storms that have been moving through.

These waves of energy, bringing smaller amounts of snow accumulations are called Alberta Clippers. They have been sprinkling fresh snow through the northern Plains, Great Lakes and mid-Atlantic since the end of January.

Snow started the day in Upper Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota and was rolling across lower Michigan and into northern Illinois and Indiana during the afternoon.

But unlike the last few clippers that have pushed through the Great Lakes recently, the track for this storm is slightly farther north.

After passing through the Great Lakes region during the day on Tuesday, the storm will likely fade over northern and western Pennsylvania, taking aim on upstate New York and part of western New England Tuesday night.

As with the previous clipper systems, extensive snow accumulations are not expected. However, it does not take a lot of snow to create problems.

Because of the cold temperatures, just a coating of snow on the sidewalks and roadways could make surfaces slick. Motorists and travelers should use extra caution, when traveling in such conditions.

With this storm, the evening rush could be messy from Michigan and northern Ohio to northwestern Pennsylvania and western New York.

Snow will fall on eastern upstate New York and New England for a time on Wednesday.

The snow Tuesday into Wednesday will not be the last in the clipper pattern. Another system will swing across the region later in the week and could merge with a southern storm making for complications in the Northeast, and especially New England during Friday.

The clippers have been coming and going for the past week, but the cold has persisted.

The month of February has been off to a cold start across the mid-Atlantic and back into the Great Lakes. Temperatures will remain almost 10 degrees below normal through New England on Tuesday.