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Cold, Snow for the United Kingdom

A storm from the Atlantic Ocean combined with colder-than-average conditions has brought accumulating snowfall to much of the southern United Kingdom.

The snow is forecast to continue through the rest of the day across Wales and much of England before tapering off overnight.

The heaviest snowfall thus far has fallen across southern Wales, as well as the West Midlands and South West England.

The snow began in London this morning falling heavily at times. Areas around London already have more than inch of snow on the ground while heavier snow is falling just west of the city.

Snow totals being reported so far include 8 inches in Sennybridge, Wales, 6 inches Dunkeswell, England, and 6 inches in Filton and Larkhill, England.

A pattern known as a Scandinavian Block is allowing moderately cold air to hang on over much of Europe.

In much of England and Wales, high temperatures will be the low to middle 30s (Fahrenheit) into next week. Normal highs are generally in the lower 40s.

In this pattern, high pressure hovers near Scandinavia and forces storms that roll in from the Northern Atlantic Ocean to drop southward or re-form over the Mediterranean Sea.

"The pattern tends to favor snow over rain in a large part of the U.K. and can occasionally bring snow to the Mediterranean Basin of southern Europe," Andrews said.

The Pyrennes, southern Alps, the mountains in Italy's Boot and the mountains in the Balkan Peninsula can also receive their share rounds of heavy snow. discussed the change in the weather pattern last week in "Colder, Snowier Conditions Coming to Europe."

This story was originally published on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013.