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Flights canceled as Denver braces for oncoming snowstorm

Flights to and from Denver were canceled Thursday afternoon as authorities warned people to stay at home ahead of the arrival of a major snowstorm.

The Colorado Department of Transportation warned that anyone who planned to be on the roads during the storm should pack extra food, water, a flashlight and dry clothing, The Denver Post reported.

Denver Public Schools and Jefferson County schools both announced that there would be no classes on Friday.

Up to 22 inches (56cm) of snow was expected in the Denver metro area Friday with the first flakes reported just before 7:30pm, and more than two feet (60cm) on the Eastern Plains, brought by a blizzard packing 40mph (64kph) winds.

Airlines canceled more than 180 flights Thursday, with anyone due to fly out of Denver International Airport Friday through Saturday morning advised to check with their airlines ahead of going to the airport, with major delays forecast.

National Weather Service meteorologist Scott Entrekin said snow flurries were expected to begin about dusk and pick up momentum about 11:00pm, with snow then expected to fall steadily through Sunday morning.

"It's just going to snow for a long time, and how long it snows will determine how much areas will get," he said.