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Rain in Tennessee Washes Away Home, Derails Train

NASHVILLE, Tennessee -- Drenching rains swept away a home, trapped drivers in their vehicles and derailed a train in Tennessee, and a round of heavy rain set off fresh flash flooding early Thursday.

The downpours that began Wednesday hit some of the same parts of Middle Tennessee that were inundated with severe flooding in May, but forecasters don't foresee it wreaking the same kind of havoc. Portions of Middle and East Tennessee as well as areas of southern Kentucky and western North Carolina and Virginia have been under flash flood warnings or watches.

National Weather Service forecaster John Cohen near Nashville said 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 centimeters) of rain deluged an area along the Sumner County-Wilson County line, beginning around 10 p.m. Wednesday and lasting about five hours.

Much of the damage in Tennessee on Wednesday was in Putnam County, where a home floated off its foundation and a train carrying sand derailed when the tracks were washed away. Roads were washed out and some minor bridges were affected, but no injuries or deaths were reported, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency spokesman Jeremy Heidt said.

No fatalities or injuries had been reported to state officials, he said.

The floods in May killed 22 people in Tennessee and caused over $2 billion in damage in Nashville alone. Record two-day rains swelled the Cumberland River.