Minnesota firefighters rescue bear after his head gets trapped in milk jug

Firefighters in northern Minnesota recently came to the rescue of a black bear after he got his head stuck in a 10-gallon milk jug.

The 150-pound bear was in quite the predicament last week in the Roseau area when officers with the state's Department of Natural Resources tried to free him.

Several officers worked to help the bear escape the tight quarters, the department detailed in a Facebook post

black bear minn

The Roseau Fire Department was called in to help the bear and, with "some special equipment," the group was able to free the furry animal.  (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)

The officers "drilled holes in the jug so the animal could breathe," then used cooking oil "to try to slide [the jug] off the animal's head" — but that didn't work.

Eventually, firefighters with the Roseau Fire Department were called in to help and, with "some special equipment" —which appeared to be "Jaws of Life," often used to rescue people trapped in vehicles — the group was able to free the black bear.

Ahead of the fall season, bears search for food that'll help them fatten up and stay warm as they hibernate during the winter months. Their diet during the fall primarily consists of nuts.

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